A day that is always exciting in the car world – a new Porsche 911 has been released: 911 S/T! This might be regarded as the “Ultimate 911” made to date, it is the most driver focused derivative of the 992 and the lightest – by far! It is limited to just 1963 models, as it is celebrating 60 years of the 911.

Since debuting less than 24-hours ago, people online have been referring to this as just a “GT3 RS Touring”, but what makes the new S/T so special is that it weighs only 1380kg. That is the full curb weight with all the liquids and full tank of fuel! To put that into context, this is 45kg lighter than the 718 Cayman GT4 RS! It is definitely similar to a Touring concept, as it has had a full aero-delete. However, this is closer to the 911 R from the previous 991 model derivative. Some of the design to keep it lightweight features a new lightweight clutch and flywheel, no rear-wheel steering, carbon fibre doors and roof, magnesium wheels and more. You will also notice on the exterior that there are new cutaways behind the front wheels.

The S/T celebrates 60 years of the 911, and is limited to just 1963 models as a nod to that, and also pays tribute to the 1969 911 S. You can order the car in any spec you want, but comes available with an optional heritage design pack. The heritage pack features gold details, the press car in a new colour: Shore Blue, painted wheels, decals on the doors and bucket seats with new cognac leather alongside some other design features. This pack will cost an additional £15,000, but I imagine this will be a must for many collectors.

A nice little exterior detail is that the new S/T does not feature the newly designed Porsche crest, it instead wears the heritage crest. The bonnet is entirely carbon fibre and features the 2 scooped vents from the GT3RS. The magnesium wheels are new on this car and have the Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brake System as standard. Past the front tyres is where a new cut out is on the body, to save additional weight and it adds a nice unique design to this car. The doors are made of carbon fibre and all of the glass is light-weight (saving 4kg). The bespoke roof is also carbon fibre which saves an additional 1kg. No rear-wheel steering on this car, which saves 7.5kg and also does add to the pure driving experience.

On the rear is the new 911 S/T badging in black or gold depending on heritage pack, alongside that is a 60th Anniversary 1963-2023 badge. The rear wing is carbon fibre and features a gurney spoiler, which means the auto-spoiler doesn’t lift to as high an angle when reaching high speeds, it also won’t lift until 120km/h rather than a 911 GT3 Touring which raises at 80km/h. This means the car will keep its shape in that classic design for longer, and only uses the aero when needed. The exhausts are twin central exhausts similar to the GT3.


The new 911 is not one sold for the mass-markets, and it is everything a 911 should be: lightweight, naturally aspirated, manual and fast! The new S/T uses the same engine that is found in the GT3 RS, and produces 525hp. This translates to 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 186mph, all from a manual transmission. This means that it is the most powerful manual Porsche ever made! The manual shifter means you are connected to the car the entire time, and it actually has the shortest gear shifter in a 992, 10mm shorter than the GT3 Touring (or 20mm than a standard 911). Shorter gear ratios by 8%, which Porsche claims it makes the car feel like it has an additional 100hp and hits high revs very quick.

The 911 S/T comes standard with carbon fibre bucket seats which are electrically adjusted and feature a pinstripe insert. The door card has also got the pinstripe stitching designed, alongside carbon fibre and a pull door-release to save weight. The dashboard features a unique green detailed rev counter with 911 S/T logos. As per the bonnet, the steering wheel also features the heritage Porsche badge. It features a carbon fibre roll-cage and carbon fibre dash. To continue on the theme of weight saving, the floor mats have less sponge in them saving weight and allowing more sound into the cabin, which for a car like this, is a good thing. If you opt for the Heritage Design Package, there is less carbon fibre on the door cards and dash, instead it is presented in the new cognac leather. There is a plaque in each car with the build number of the 1963 made.

The new 911 S/T price will start at £231,600, this will be a true collectors item for Porsche lovers and one of the best drivers cars available on the modern market.