924S ~ 1985-1988

Overview Porsche wanted to keep the slim-bodied 924 running alongside the more aggressive-looking 944 but could no longer source the Audi engine blocks. The solution, then, was to drop the new 2.5-litre 944 engine into the 924 body-shell, thus creating the 924S. To ensure that the lighter car didn’t outperform..Read More

924 Carrera GTS ~ 1981-1981

Overview The ultimate incarnation of the 924, the Carrera GTS followed the similar Carrera GTR prototype race cars that competed at Le Mans in 1980. Just 59 examples were built to allow the class to compete in Class 4 racing. The left-hand-drive only Carrera GTS was based on the Carrera..Read More

924 Carrera GT ~ 1980-1981

Overview The rare 924 Carrera GT was based on the 924 Turbo and developed as a homologation special. Just 406 examples were built, including 75 right-hand-drive examples for the UK market. 200 were sold in Germany. The 2.0-litre M31/50 engine was a modified version of the 924 Turbo unit, with..Read More

924 Turbo ~ 1979-1982

Overview Despite being a sales success, the 924 was criticised from the day it was launched for being under powered. The obvious solution for Porsche, following the success of the 911 Turbo was to come up with a turbocharged version of its entry-level car. This had the internal model number..Read More