928 GTS ~ 1992-1996

Overview The ultimate 928 was the GTS. This boasted a revised bodyshell with wider rear wheel arches to give a much muscular appearance. At the back was a full-width reflector between the lights, with the word Porsche across it Under those haunches were new Cup Design wheels, which were now..Read More

928GT ~ 1989-1991

Overview The race-inspired 928 Clubsport and the UK-only SE were not sales successes for Porsche, but the company persevered with the concept and introduced the 928GT in 1989. The GT had essentially the same engine as the Clubsport, as well as its wheels, exhaust system and transmission, with short-shift gearchange…Read More

928 Clubsport ~ 1988-1989

Overview The Clubsport was a lightened version of the 928 S4 designed for road and track use, and was available in continental Europe and the USA. Porsche had been experimenting with such a car as far back as 1983 and had built prototypes, but it wasn’t until 1988 that the..Read More

928SE ~ 1988-1988

Overview While continental Europe and the USA were offered the lightweight 928 Clubsport, Porsche Cars Great Britain’s boss Peter Bulbeck asked for something a bit different for the UK market. The result was the 928SE (for Special Equipment). This combined the mechanical improvements of the Clubsport’s engine and suspension with..Read More

928S4 ~ 1987-1991

Overview Ten years after the first 928 was launched, Porsche unveiled the 928S4. This had a 5.0-litre engine with four valves per cylinder and twin overhead camshafts per cylinder bank. Power rose to 320bhp. The updated car looked more modern, thanks to smoother and flusher front and rear bumpers and..Read More

928S2 ~ 1984-1986

Overview For the UK market the 928S was re-branded as the 928S2 in 1984. The 4.7-litre engine had a slightly higher compression ratio of 10.4:1, a new Bosch LH-Jetronic fuel injection system was fitted, together with an EZF dual distributor ignition system. This all gave a modest power hike to..Read More

928S ~ 1982-1984

Overview The 928 received its first update in 1982 and became known as the 928S. The most important difference was under the bonnet, where the engine increased in capacity to 4.7-litres.The extra capacity was achieved by increasing the cylinder bores from 95mm to 97mm. In addition, the compression ratio was..Read More

928 ~ 1977-1982

Overview In the early 1970s, Porsche was concerned that its 911 couldn’t continue in production indefinitely. There were concerns over regulations on noise, emissions and the crash safety of rear-engined cars. With that in mind, the company started work on a possible successor to the 911, and the result was..Read More