968 Sport ~ 1994-1995

Overview The 968 Sport was a UK-only model that was essentially a mix of Club Sport and the standard 968. It had the Club Sport’s lowered ride height, updated suspension and some of its reduced specification, but added some luxuries, such as central locking, alarm, electric windows and mirrors, rear..Read More

968 Turbo S ~ 1993-1993

Overview The rare 968 Turbo S was available only from Porsche’s Customer Sport Department and was essentially a road-going version of the Turbo RS racecar. Based on the Club Sport with its stripped-out specification, the Turbo S bodyshell was treated to a front splitter, a larger front air intake, two..Read More

968 Clubsport ~ 1993-1993

Overview When Porsche launched the 968 in 1991, the words was in the grip of a recession and the model sold poorly, especially in Europe where it was considered expensive compared to other sports cars. In an attempt to boast sales Porsche introduced the 968 Club Sport. This was not..Read More

968 ~ 1991-1995

Overview The 944 received a major revamp and became the 968 in 1991. The new car’s 924 parentage remained very obvious, especially amidships, but was treated to a smart new front with more shapely wings and exposed flip-up headlamps, similar to those of the 928. The rear end, too, was..Read More