Panamera S Hybrid (970) ~ 2011 – 2016 (2013 Facelift)

Overview Early January of 2008, Porsche announced it would introduce a Hybrid model to its Panamera range with the intent to lean into the hybridity sector. This model was then delivered to the public 2011 and firstly to America. The Hybrid model utilises the same powertrain and battery combination as..Read More

Panamera 4 (970) ~ 2010 – 2016

Overview The Porsche Panamera 4 (970) is a luxury four-door sedan that was produced by the German automaker Porsche from 2010 to 2016. As part of the Panamera lineup, the Panamera 4 is equipped with all-wheel drive, distinguishing it from the rear-wheel-drive variants. The performance as you would expect, is..Read More

Panamera (970) ~ 2010 – 2016

Overview The standard first generation entry level Panamera became available in 2010, with a smaller, lighter 3.6L naturally aspirated V6 engine and the same fantastic dynamic platform the from its sportier counterparts. Although dialled down just a tad to mix a bit more pleasure in with ‘intelligent overall performance’. Also..Read More

Panamera 4S (970) ~ 2009 – 2013

Released alongside its two wheel drive variant in 2009, the Panamera 4S offered a traction advantage over its sibling with all wheel drive.  The all wheel drive Panamera 4S was an obvious choice for Porsche considering the release of its four door ‘dynamic’ luxury grand tourer. The extra availability of..Read More

Panamera Turbo (970) ~ 2009 – 2013

If debuting the Panamera S & 4S with a 4.8L naturally aspirated V8 wasn’t enough to entice purist Porsche owners into the Panamera lineup, a twin turbo version was also introduced, the Panamera Turbo. The turbo model joined a prestigious line up of Turbo models within Porsche and stayed true..Read More

Panamera S (970) ~ 2009 – 2013

Overview The Panamera concept was introduced to the public in 2009 in Shanghai China, the Panamera would be Porsche’s first four door luxury grand tourer model they’d ever released. The name Panamera comes directly from the Carrera Panamericana road rally race where Porsche had previously amassed a collection of victories. The..Read More