Friday 24/06/2022


After a 2-hour road trip through the south of the country we arrive in Chichester and park up where the attendant tells us to go. We make our way to the entrance and helicopters are flying over dropping off those that purchased special tickets, a very cool and classy way to enter the festival. (Unfortunately, we had to walk through the golf course to get to the entrance.) – After picking up our tickets we were like children let loose in a playground. Being as excited as we were, nothing during this day was done in any particular order, we just enjoyed ourselves.

Believe it or not, but the first car we saw was the Porsche GT4 MR. This absolute weapon has been completely modified by RPM Technik. A Porsche specialist centre where you can literally get anything done. Whether you need an engine rebuilt, your 911 serviced or your exhaust system upgraded, they can do it all and more! They even offer specialist track advice so that the next time you drive on track you can awaken your inner Mike Wilds (Who won the 2008 Group C Enduro Trophy in the Porsche 962). It is definitely worth considering if you’re already thinking of upgrading your Porsche.

With a great start to the day, we were absolutely mesmerized by all the brilliant machines that were there that day. Of course, we looked out for Porsches everywhere but in between we saw the most amazing hypercars. The Mercedes AMG Project One looking brilliant going up the hill and the super crazy all electric Supervan from Ford with an incredible 2000 BHP. The McMurtry Spéirling smashed the record going up the hill, I wonder how long that astonishing 39.08 seconds will be up there.

Porsche had a lot of amazing vehicles on site with the 911 GT3 in the classic Ruby Star, a GT2 MR promoting Manthey upgrades, the Kalmar 7-97 specially made for Tom Kristensen, the 930 Tag Turbo by Lanzante, a brand new Taycan, the 911 RSR and my personal favourite of the day; The 911 Sport Classic in the Sport Grey Metallic. This fantastic piece of art features gold emblems and a mouth-watering interior. Driven by a 3.7 litre, twin-turbo flat-six engine delivering 550 little horses to the rear wheels. I wish I had the ability to write down what it sounds like. With its 7 gears it is the most powerful manual 911 available on the market today. Another icon, displayed on a pedestal, as it deserves, was the Carrera GT. This incredible V10 was finished in Seal Grey.

After spending quite some time in the Michelin supercar paddock we made our way to the hill climb. We stayed here to watch a few of the cars we had just seen go up the famous Goodwood hill. We then finally moved on to get some lunch as this had been getting away from us. It was nearly 3pm and we had been saying since 12 that we should find something to eat. However we kept being interrupted by awesome cars, not that we minded of course. Whilst having some chips and a lovely burger we moved on to some of the more classic cars and here we found the Porsche 961. This great piece of history came all the way from Germany as it normally resides in the Porsche museum in Stuttgart. This car had its last race in 1987 at Le Mans where it got its current paintjob matching the 962C’s. Now the 961 is retired and gets to make guest appearances at events like this.

We were having another look at these magnificent machines and man these things are cool. Just so cool! The RS Spyder was there, we saw the 917 and the GT4 eperformance. This last one is a full electric vehicle with over a 1000 BHP based on (you’ll never guess it) the Caymant GT4 RS.

Unfortunately we weren’t quick enough to take a photo of the next one, but then we saw and especially heard the Porsche 911 RSR. This car has the most distinguished sound ever. First debuted in 2013 but todays version is completely different. Back then the RSR was based on the Carrera 4S but in 2019 (in time for the 2019 edition of this festival) Porsche unveiled the RSR based on the 991.2 and it looks absolutely mind blowing. I have taken a photo from Mr. google as I don’t want you to be deprived of its beauty, so feast your eyes below. This photo was taken at the the festival of speed in 2019. Doesn’t that look fantastic?

Of course, the big event for Porsche during this edition of the Festival of Speed was the unveiling of the 963. This machine looks incredible, and we will all be able to see it in action for the first time in America, at the 24 hours of Daytona in January 2023. We are very much looking forward to that!


Authors name: Dries Luypaert

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