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Tell us what upgrades you have fitted and why!

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Hey everyone!

I'm interested in the upgrades you've had fitted and even more importantly, why you've had them!

I must admit over the 18 years of ownership, my 996 turbo X50 has had so many changes I can't remember them all. I'm in the process of digging out all of my old invoices to see if I can put together a list for you and to refresh my memory. Hopefully this will help anyone thinking of going down this path.

I remember the first upgrade was just an ECU tune and a Europipe exhaust. I was told the car would make 520hp, but I'm pretty sure it was nowhere near this figure. Felt a little quicker than stock (450hp) but not by much. The second upgrade was another ECU tune from another company that boasted I would achieve 650hp. The car again felt a little quicker but nothing like 650hp. They even gave me a dyno chart that showed the 650 numbers, but no way this was true! I'm sure lots of you have been in the same situation.

So the journey of upgrading continued! Today the car is a dedicated 1000hp track car, and finally feels that way. It's also reliable, I will add, nearly 100000 miles on the clock!

I'll add to this post later when I have had some time to go through all the bills, but I'd love to hear about your upgrades, why you made them and whether you think they were worth it!

Upgrade list


Car purchased with X50 kit and Aerokit


520 Bhp Engine ECU upgrade
Europipe Exhaust


ECU upgrade 650 Bhp


GT2 6 Pot front Brake Conversion
6 pot front caliper x 2
Pagid RS29 Brake pads


Sachs 890nm Uprated clutch kit
RSS Performance Engine Mounts


Kline Exhaust
997 Short Gearshift
Set of 80JB Fuel Injectors
Fully Built 3.8 Litre Engine
3.8 Capricorn Pistons and Liners
Supertec Head Studs
Pauter Con Rods
Secondary Air Injection Pump Delete
GT2 74mm Throttle Body
74mm IPD Plenum
2 x Tial Sport Xona 980 Turbochargers
6” Custom Intercoolers
Upgraded Fuel Feed Line and Walbro Fuel Pump
Greddy Tuning Boost Controller
Aquamist Methanol Controller
Promotive Dual Disc Clutch Kit with 2 x Sachs 890mm
Motor Sport Front Lower Control Arms
RSS Rear Toe Links
Upgraded Diverter Valves and f-pipe
Free Flowing Panel Filter
Upgraded Turbo Oil Lines


Driveshafts Upgraded
4” Fenderwell Intakes
BBI Clutch Slave Cylinder


BRM (Bill Rador) custom Gearbox. GT2RS 1st, 2nd gear. Straight cut 3rd, 4th, 5th gear.
Guards Transmission Limited Slip Differential Upgrade
GT2 Front Brake Duct Air Scoop
New Custom Y-Pipe
Recaro Pole Position FIA Bucket Seats


Ohlins R&T Suspension
H&R Anti Roll Bars
RSS front lower control arms
Tequipment roll cage
6 point harnesses


Ceramic brake discs all-round


I am pretty sure I have missed some things on the list, but I hope you find it interesting. 

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