The world-renowned Goodwood Festival of Speed is undeniably one of the most prestigious events in the automotive world. This year’s festival held a special significance for us as it celebrated Porsche’s remarkable 75th Anniversary. Additionally, it marked an impressive milestone of 75 years of motorsport at Goodwood, making it a double celebration.

Our anticipation for the event was heightened because we had secured tickets for Sunday, after the unfortunate cancellation of Saturday’s proceedings due to extreme wind conditions that posed significant risks. This rare occurrence surprised us initially, but upon attending the event, we quickly realized the potential dangers involved, especially considering the numerous tents and the potential for cars to spin out and crash even without extreme winds.

Fortunately, our day began on a positive note as we stumbled upon an unusual sat nav route, leading us to a prime parking spot right next to the Porsche Club area. Perfect! This fortuitous start set the tone for an unforgettable experience. The Porsche Club area showcased an impressive display of classic, modern, and concept Porsches. The thoughtfully crafted design of the area accentuated the vibrant colors of each car, shining brightly under the beautiful sunshine.

The diversity of colors in Porsche’s lineup was a sight to behold, ranging from timeless classics to cutting-edge models. It truly showcased the rich heritage and innovative spirit that Porsche has embraced throughout its illustrious 75-year history.

As soon as we arrived at the event, we were thrilled to witness the legendary McMurtry Spéirling whispering up the hill at neck-snapping speed! After taking a stroll to explore the surroundings, we stumbled upon a fantastic vantage point to enjoy the hill-climbers’ action. The variety of historical cars from different eras and brands was awe-inspiring, and we marked this spot to return later for Porsche’s celebration drive.

Venturing through the mesmerizing displays at Goodwood, we eagerly admired classic 911s, exquisite Singer models, a captivating array of Porsche motorsport vehicles, the iconic 356 Spyder, and the impressive Porsche Museum cars, not to mention the thrilling 918 Spyders, GT1s, and Carrera GTs. After a while, you really do get spoilt looking at these cars! We had to remind ourselves just how happy we were to first see that Guards Red 911 (997) Carrera as we entered.

As we continued our leisurely stroll, we stumbled upon yet another Porsche-dedicated area to look around. Before long we had the unmistakable rumble of these powerful cars reach our ears, and we knew it was time to return to that fantastic spot we had found earlier, perfectly positioned for an excellent view of the hill climb. But before we settled in, we couldn’t resist a quick pit stop for two glasses of wine.

Due to a previous crash of a Mclaren F1 GTR, we had to patiently wait, and wow was it worth the wait! Among the first cars to tackle the challenging hill climb was a truly remarkable sight, the iconic #46 356, etched in history as Porsche’s first victorious car at Le Mans, a significant milestone that paved the way for Porsche Motorsport. Shortly following this historical gem were other breathtaking machines like the latest 992 GT3RS, the famous 917/20 “Pink Pig”, and the original 911 Dakar, each adding to the buzz.

However, amidst the thrilling performance, an unexpected twist emerged as the renowned GT1 Le Mans winner (GT1 ’98) momentarily lost control shortly after navigating the Malcolm bend. The rear wing clipped into the hay, catapulting it into the air, creating a moment of dramatic tension. Undeterred, the car, now aptly named “GT1 Touring,” managed to regain control and proceeded valiantly, conquering the hill climb with unwavering determination.

The experience was nothing short of exhilarating, with the blend of history, power, and a touch of drama making it an unforgettable chapter in our Goodwood Festival of Speed adventure.

All the excitement and exploration meant it was time to take a quick lunch pit-stop. Little did we know that we had already surpassed 12,000 steps before the day was even over!

After some overpriced noodles and chicken, we embarked on the standard stroll around the market area, where we encountered an intriguing mix of convincing replicas and some not-so-convincing ones. It was entertaining to compare these creations and marvel at the craftsmanship put into replicating iconic models.

Our curiosity led us to explore cars from various other brands, including the innovative world of electric vehicles showcased in the EV tent. We couldn’t resist the temptation to sit inside some futuristic concepts and even had the opportunity to experience Chinese EVs like the unique HiPhi Z.

As the day progressed, we decided it was time to make our way back to the car, but not before indulging in one last visit to the Porsche Club area. For anyone contemplating their next Porsche purchase, this was a treasure trove of inspiration. It was one of the largest private Porsche areas we had ever come across, displaying an extraordinary collection of Porsches that sparked our imaginations. Before leaving, we also caught a glimpse of the 357 concept, a truly cool Porsche that has plenty of innovation and style.

In conclusion, I think I can boldly say that this is my personal favourite Goodwood Festival Of Speed I have been to, but naturally I am biased! You may notice that I have not mentioned anything on the Porsche Mission X here, which was at the event. Sadly, we couldn’t get a chance to see it! But there will be plenty of time to see more of the Mission X is the coming future I am sure. Read more on that new Porsche concept on our article here. As we left Goodwood, we carried with us the fond memories of witnessing automotive excellence, courage, and the indomitable spirit of Porsche on full display.

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Jack Borsos – Purely Porsche