Porsche 911 The Practically Free Supercar is a novel written by Robert McGowan, about his passion for Porsche and a guide on how to own your own. As the title suggests, Robert delves into the ways in which you can buy one of these beloved cars, without losing any money! If you are a lover of Porsche like we are, I am certain you will find value in this book, especially for the first time buyer of a model that you are unfamiliar with.

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Quick Content Overview

So what is “The Practically Free Supercar” all about? Well, you guessed it, this is a ‘how to’ guide on 911 ownership / purchasing, and Robert delivers a great point: if you know what to look for, a 911 really is practically free! This book will take you from the history of Porsche, to the ‘first-time buyers’ 911 on today’s market, with what to look for, what to avoid, and how to enjoy it. It is clear that, just like us at Purely Porsche, McGowan is a true Porsche fanatic.

What we loved about the book:

If you are a fan of the Porsche 911… what’s not to like about a book showing off everything wonderful about it? I found whilst reading this book that Robert has a great way of explaining huge amounts of detail, without confusing the reader. You will be surprised in the first couple of pages into the novel, that this isn’t just another “buying guide”, Robert goes into what the history is all about with Porsche and paints a beautiful picture of their journey building the success of the 911. We found it engaging from the very beginning, and enjoyed reading more and more.

From the point of view for someone new to the brand, the 911 model looks quite confusing. What I mean with this is there is so much choice and variety, all from what you might think is just one model in the Porsche range. For example you have the 930, 964, 993 and so on. What do these numbers mean? Why isn’t it just called the 911? Well thankfully, Robert breaks all of this down for you in this novel in a super easy to read, and captivating way.

One of my favourite parts in this book, is where Robert explains which Porsche to go for to keep your money safe and how it holds the best value for money. This is all based on TODAY’S market, so you know exactly what you will get yourself in to. It is ideal to know exactly how much one of these cars will cost you and what to look for when buying. Which also compliments another great part in the book where Robert gives tips to selling and buying effectively.

Who would we recommend this book for:

As Robert refers to this book as a “beginner’s guide”, my first thoughts would be to recommend it to a first time buyer. Someone who has never owned a Porsche, this is the book for you. Even if you aren’t actively looking into buying one, this book may sway you into thinking about it!

However, Porsche owners, I believe you would enjoy this book too! It will bring up those memories of when you first bought your car, and like me, you will connect to the book on more of an emotional level. Maybe, you will think of buying a second!

This book is not just for the 911 buyer. Robert goes into some strong detail on other models such as the Boxster, but has an entire book dedicated to the Boxster should you wish you expand your library.

To Conclude:

Overall, I enjoyed this book. It was a good read, it was informative, it was interesting and ultimately it stuck to the tag line under the title: “The Complete Beginner’s Guide To The Smartest Route Into Porsche Ownership”. I have read many books similar to this that claim to be Buyer’s Guides or Beginner’s Guides, but none quite as captivating. I would recommend it for you to read!

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