The September 1955 Frankfurt motor show saw the unveiling of a much-improved version of the 356. Dubbed the 356A, this new model could be immediately be recognised by its smoothly curved windscreen, while inside there was a new dashboard.

The entry-level model was the 1300 which produced a by now modest 44bhp. It was short-lived and went out of production in 1957, in favour of the more powerful models.

How to Spot
  • One-piece curved windscreen
  • Porsche crest incorporated into the bonnet handle

The 356A 1300 was offered in Coupe and Cabriolet forms


Capacity: 1290cc

Compression ratio: 6.5:1

Maximum Power: 44bhp @ 4200rpm

Maximum Torque: 81Nm @ 2800rpm

Brakes: Front: 280x40mm drums; rear: 280x40mm drums

Suspension: Front: Two swinging arms with two transverse torsion bar springs, telescopic dampers and anti-roll bar; Rear: Swing axles with torsion bar springs and telescopic dampers

Wheels & Tyres: Front: 4.5Jx15 with 5.90/15 tyres 4.5Jx15 with 5.90/15 tyres

Length: 3950mm

Width: 1670mm

Weight: 850kg

Did you know?

The 10,000th Porsche was built in 1956