This lightweight version of the Carrera 2 used essentially the same body and interior as the previous Carrera GT, complete with lightweight aluminium panels and plastic windows.

The main difference being the new 2.0-litre overhead camshaft engine that was tuned to produce 140bhp. This, combined with the light weight, promised impressive performance, with a 0-60mph time of just 8.0 seconds considered incredible in the early 1960s.

A range of transmission ratios was available so customers could choose the best package for their requirements.

How to spot

Similar to the GS Carrera 2 but with lightweight aluminium panels and plastic rear windows. Central fuel filler.


Capacity: 1966cc

Compression ratio: 9.8:1

Maximum Power: 130bhp @ 6200rpm

Maximum Torque: 174Nm @ 4700rpm

Brakes: Front: 280x60mm drums; rear: 280x40mm drums. Later cars: 297x10mm discs front and rear with aluminium calipers

Suspension: Front: Two swinging arms with two transvers torsion bar springs, telescopic dampers and anti-roll bar; Rear: Swing axles with radius arms, two torsion bar springs and telescopic dampers. Compensating spring

Wheels & Tyres: Front: 4.5Jx15 with 165R/15 tyres; Rear: 4.5Jx15 with 165R/15 tyres

Length: 3980mm

Width: 1670mm

Weight: 850kg

Did you Know?

0-60mph: 8.0 sec Top speed: 130mph

These early cars were set the tone for a range of lightweight Porsches which really shot to fame with the 911 RS models of the 1970s and beyond.