The launch of a new Porsche seems to always have fans divided. The 718 Cayman came in 2016, replacing the 981. Visually, there is not a huge difference between the 2 cars to the untrained eye, but to those who love Porsche will see the sleek and straight lines the new 718 gains over the previous Cayman. The car is faster and has more hp over the previous generation, but the 718 now has a turbocharged flat-4 rather than the previously naturally aspirated flat-six. As always, a drastic change in the engine sparks debate among fans. A lot of fans will say that they prefer the flat-six, we must appreciate that technology evolves, and this is what has always kept Porsche relevant for such a long-time.

The standard model 718 Cayman actually ticks most of the boxes for a lot of potential buyers, with 296hp which is 25hp more than the previous entry model. With the turbo’s now as standard, keeping them spooled up gives it a great acceleration in the higher revs, reaching 0-62mph in 5.1 seconds in the manual variant. The PDK version is sub-five seconds to 4.9 seconds 0-62mph which makes it faster than the 981 Cayman GTS. Once you look at the amazing stats, and the added benefit of it being better in fuel economy, you really start to appreciate the work that Porsche have put into this car. Then you get to consider the new technology, sleeker interior, sleek exterior, this new-gen Cayman becomes quite breathtaking.

How to spot

  • Change in headlights to 4 point LED day running lights
  • Flatter and straight front bumper
  • No circular fog lights, instead there are flat LED lights
  • 3D rear lights
  • ‘PORSCHE’ logo across the rear spoiler


Capacity: 1988cc

Compression ratio: 9.5:1

Maximum Power: 300hp@ 6500rpm

Maximum Torque: 380Nm @ 1950-4500rpm

Brakes: Front: 380mm discs; rear: 299mm discs

Suspension: Lightweight spring-strut suspension

Wheels & Tyres: Front: 8J x 18 ET 57 with 235/45 ZR 18. Rear: 9.5J x 18 ET 49 with 265/45 ZR 18

Length: 4379mm

Width: 1801mm

Weight: Manual: 1335kg

Did you Know?

The ‘new’ 718 name is actually not new – it is a hommage to one of Porsche’s most successful racing cars, the Porsche 718.