When the 964-model 911 was launched in 1989, the first variant was the four-wheel-drive Carrera 4. Not so with its replacement, the 993. In this case the two-wheel-drive Carrera (the number 2 was omitted this time round) came first, followed soon after by a Carrera 4.Instead of simply lifting the all-wheel transmission from the 964, Porsche came up with a new system that was substantially lighter, at around half the weight. Designed to aid handling more than traction, this system used a viscous coupling that varied the amount of power delivered to the front wheels from 5 to 39 percent, depending on conditions. It was also a more efficient set-up that ensured that performance and economy didn’t suffer noticeably. Not that Tiptronic transmission wasn’t offered with the Carrera 4. Porsche 911 Carrera 4

Standard on the Carrera 4 and, incidentally, an option for the Carrera, was ABD (Automatic Brake Differential). This worked with the ABS sensors to detect wheelspin during acceleration at speeds less than 44mph and when a rear wheel slipped extra torque was transferred to the front axle.

The 993 Carrera 4 offered the benefits of four-wheel-drive but felt more like a true 911 then did the previous model. Indeed, it was hard to think of a reason not to opt for this model.

How to spot
  • Carrera 4 badge at rear
  • Titanium-coloured brake calipers
  • Swept-back headlamps
  • Bulbous front and rear wings

Cabriolet The Carrera 4 was available with the same Cabriolet soft-top as the Carrera. Note that a Targa was not available.


Capacity: 3600cc

Compression ratio: 11.3:1

Maximum Power: 272bhp at 6000rpm (285bhp from 1996)

Maximum Torque: 330Nm at 5000rpm (340Nm from 1996)

Brakes: Front: 304mm discs; rear: 299mm discs. Servo assisted with ABS

Suspension: Front: Lower wishbones and MacPherson struts with combined coil springs and dampers, plus anti-roll bar Rear: Multilink with parallel wishbones, combined coil springs and dampers, plus anti-roll bar

Wheels & Tyres: Front: 16x7J with 205/55ZR16 tyres. Rear: 16x9J with 245/45ZR16 tyres (17-inch rims optional)

Length: 4245mm

Width: 1735mm

Weight: >1420kg (coupe)