As the new generation of 911 was launched in July, the Carrera S and Carrera 4S were available from the December. This is for the customer that wants a bit more from the 911 Carrera, with an increase from 370hp to 420hp. The Carrera S has an impressive 0-62mph time of 4.3 seconds in the manual and 4.1 seconds with the PDK. With the added Sports Chrono Package and Launch control, it can achieve 0-62mph in 3.9 seconds.

The difference between this and the previous generation 991, is the change over to turbo-charged engines, whereas all previous Carrera S’ models were naturally aspirated. This made an improvement to overall hp and to the emissions of the car. The technology also improved for the 991.2, one of which most driver’s will tell you is the best difference between the 2 cars, is the option to have rear-axle steering in a Carrera. Originally, this technology would only be available on a 911 GT3 or Turbo. This allows the car to change lane more quickly, improved turning circle and more importantly – a faster lap time around the Nurburgring.

If you wanted an AWD 911, the Carrera 4S was available at the same time as the Carrera S which meant an improvement to grip round corners. The Carrera 4S, is wider than the Carrera, and due to the amazing AWD system, made the vehicle faster in a straight line too. The easiest way to tell these cars apart, is the Carrera 4S has a full-width tail light at the back.

How to spot

  • Thinner LED day running lights than previous model
  • 3-D style rear headlights
  • Quad-headlight LED matrix


  • Coupe
  • Cabriolet


Capacity: 2,981cc

Compression ratio: 10.0:1

Maximum Power: 420bhp @ 6,500rpm

Maximum Torque: 500Nm @ 5,000rpm

Brakes: Front: 330mm callipers; rear: 330mm callipers

Suspension: Front: McPherson strut. Rear: Multi-link suspension.

Wheels & Tyres: Front: 8.5 J x 20(ET 49) with 245/35 ZR20 tyres. Rear: 11.5 J X 20 (ET 76)/(C4S: ET 56) with 305/30 ZR 20 tyres

Length: 4,499mm

Width: Carrera: 1,808mm (inc mirrors 1,978mm). Carrera 4: 1,852mm (inc mirrors, 1,978mm)

Weight: Carrera: 1,430kg / 1,450kg (PDK). Carrera 4: 1,480kg / 1,500kg (PDK)


Did you know?

The change to turbo-charged from natural aspirated was one of the most controversial changes since Porsche came away from an air-cooled to water-cooled engine systems.