The last off the 991.1 model was announced at the Geneva Motor show in 2015, with the amazing 911 R. This was an instant classic due to it’s homage to the previous 911 R from 1967. The original was limited to just 23 created and due to it’s lightweight design, it smashed long-distance records. This new 911 R is also a limited edition with just 991 models.

The 911 R is based on the GT3 RS platform, with the 500hp engine, but it did not include the large rear wing, roll-cage, and was heavier by 50kg. One of the most unique features of this 911, is that it was only available with a 6- speed manual, and is regarded as one of the best modern-day driver’s cars from Porsche.

The 911 R had a lot of unique styling over standard 911’s. The most noticeable are the two large racing stripes going down the centre, available in different colour choices. The 911 R has a unique plaque on the rear of the car above the “PORSCHE” decal that says “911 R”. The interior has unique changes too, most striking are: the bucket seats with Pepita houndstooth pattern, sixties-style instrument cluster, 911 R logo on the rev counter, and sports steering wheel with top centre marking.

How to spot

  • 911 R plaque on the rear
  • 2 large racing stripes
  • Classic 911 interior


Capacity: 3996cc

Maximum Power: 500hp @ 8,250rpm

Maximum Torque: 460Nm @ 6,250rpm

Brakes: Porsche Ceramic Composite brakes: Front: 410mm. Rear: 390mm.

Suspension: Front: McPherson strut. Rear: Multilink suspension.

Wheels & Tyres: Front: 20×9 J with 245/35 ZR 20 tyres. Rear: 20×12 J with 305/30 ZR 20 tyres

Length: 4,532mm

Width: 1,852mm

Weight: 1,370kg


Did you know?

The 911 R is our Managing Director’s favorite car from Porsche!