In 1988 Porsche offered a special edition 944 Turbo, called the Turbo S (or SE in the UK, for Special Equipment). This limited edition model was around 10 percent more expensive than the standard Turbo, and featured an updated engine that produced 250bhp. The extra power came courtesy of a larger K26-70 turbocharger and a revised engine management system. The power went through a strengthened transmission with a thicker (25.5mm) torque tube and a limited-slip differential as standard. Updated brakes and adjustable Koni dampers were also fitted.

The Turbo S was originally offered in a distinctive Silver Rose Metallic paintwork, which was a pinkish silver. It had large Turbo decals on the top of the right-hand front wing. The pink theme continued inside, with Studio checked fabric on the doors and seats. However, as many buyers didn’t like this colour combination, Porsche offered the full range of exterior and interior colours for the Turbo S. The specification inside was luxurious, with fully electric and heated seats, and a Blaupunkt Berlin radio-cassette head unit..

How to spot

Turbo decals on the top of the right-hand front wing.


Capacity: 2479cc

Compression ratio: 8.0:1

Maximum Power: 250bhp @ 6000rpm

Maximum Torque: 350Nm @ 4000rpm

Brakes: Front: 282mm discs; rear: 289mm discs; servo assisted

Suspension: Front: Single wishbones and MacPherson struts with telescopic dampers and coil springs; rear: semi-trailing arms with telescopic dampers and transverse torsion bar. Front and rear antiroll bars

Wheels & Tyres: Front: 16x7J with 225/50VR16 tyres. Rear: 16x9J with 245/45VR16 tyres

Length: 4230mm

Width: 1735mm

Weight: >1280kg

Did you Know?

Although the original production run was to have been just 1000, it is believed that 1635 Turbo S cars were sold. 0-62mph: 5.7 sec Top speed: 161mph.