The 944 received a major revamp and became the 968 in 1991. The new car’s 924 parentage remained very obvious, especially amidships, but was treated to a smart new front with more shapely wings and exposed flip-up headlamps, similar to those of the 928. The rear end, too, was smoothed out and given a new-style spoiler. Teardrop mirrors and Cup wheels completed the transformation.

However, it was not just cosmetic. The 968’s 3.0-litre engine was reworked to give more power and torque from lower revs. And the power went through a new six-speed gearbox which, as before, was mounted at the rear of the car, between the wheels. The interior remained similar to that of the last 944, but received minor updates.

How to spot
  • tear drop mirrors
  • Cup wheels


Capacity: 2990cc

Compression ratio: 11.0:1

Maximum Power: 240bhp @ 6200rpm

Maximum Torque: 305Nm @ 4100rpm

Brakes: Front: 297mm discs; rear: 300mm discs; servo assisted

Suspension: Front: Single wishbones and MacPherson struts with telescopic dampers and coil springs; rear: semi-trailing arms with telescopic dampers and transverse torsion bar. Front and rear antiroll bars

Wheels & Tyres: Front: 16x7J with 205/50ZR16 tyres. Rear: 16x8J with 225/40ZR/16 tyres

Length: 4230mm

Width: 1735mm

Weight: >1370kg (coupe)