The Boxster was treated to the engine from the entry-level Cayman. This was essentially the same as the previous power unit, but had Porsche’s VarioCam Plus valve management with continuous adjustment of intake timing (VarioCam) and variable valve lift switchover (Plus). This gave an extra 5bhp, at 245bhp, while maximum torque rose to 273Nm.


Capacity: 2687cc

Compression ratio: 11.3:1

Maximum Power: 245bhp @ 6500rpm

Maximum Torque: 273Nm @ 4600-6000rpm

Brakes: Front: 304mm discs; rear: 299mm discs. Servo assisted with ABS

Suspension: McPherson struts with coil springs and antiroll bar. Rear: McPherson struts with coil springs and antiroll bar

Wheels & Tyres: Front: 17×6.5J with 205/55ZR17 tyres. Rear: 17x8J with 235/50ZR17 tyres

Length: 4329mm

Width: 1801mm

Weight: >1305kg

Did you Know?

0-62mph: 6.1seconds Top speed: 160mph

Extended Spec


Roadster with monocoque lightweight all-steel body hot-galvanized
on both sides, full-size airbags plus side (thorax) and head
airbags for driver and passenger; two-seater; soft roof with interior
lining; aluminium hardtop available as an option.


Drag coefficient: Cd = 0.29 (Boxster), 0.30 (Boxster S)
Frontal area: A = 1.96 m2 (Boxster), 1.97 m2 (Boxster S)
Cd x A = 0.57 (Boxster), 0.59 (Boxster S)

Power unit:

Six-cylinder aluminium boxer engine with water cooling; engine
block and cylinder heads made of aluminium; four overhead
camshafts; four valves per cylinder; adjustment of valve timing
on the intake camshaft and modification of valve lift (VarioCam
Plus); hydraulic valve play compensation; switching intake manifold;
integrated dry sump lubrication; two starter and two main
catalysts; four oxygen sensors with stereo management, 10.4
litres (2.3 Imp gals) engine oil; 22 litres/4.84 Imp gals (Boxster)
and 22.3 litres/4.9 Imp gals (Boxster S) coolant; DME (Digital
Motor Electronics) engine management for ignition and fuel injection;
electronic ignition with solid-state distributor (six ignition
coils); sequential multipoint fuel injection.

85.5 mm/3.37″ (Boxster), 96 mm/3.78″ (Boxster S)
78 mm (3.07″)
2687cc (Boxster), 3387 cc (Boxster S)
Compression ratio:
11.3:1 (Boxster); 11.1:1 (Boxster S)
Max output:
180 kW/245 bhp at 6500 rpm (Boxster),
217 kW/295 bhp at 6250 rpm (Boxster S)
Max torque:
273 Nm/201 lb-ft from 4600  6000 (Boxster),
340 Nm/251 lb-ft from 4400  6000 (Boxster S)
Output per litre:
66.9 kW/91.1 bhp (Boxster), 64.1 kW/87.2 bhp (Boxster S)
Max engine speed:
7300 rpm
Fuel grade:
Premium plus (RON/MON 98/88), unleaded
Electrical system:
12 V, 2100 W alternator, battery capacity 60 Ah (Boxster),
70 Ah (Boxster S)

*Specifications may vary from one country to another

Power transmission:

Engine and gearbox bolted to form one drive unit; engine power
conveyed to rear wheels via double propeller shafts.
(Figures in brackets: Boxster S)

Gear ratios:  Five-speed man Six-speed man Tiptronic S
1st 3.50 3.67 (3.31) 3.66
2nd 2.12 2.05 (1.95) 2.00
3rd 1.43 1.41 1.41
4th 1.09 1.13 1.00
5th  0.84 0.97 0.74
6th 0.82
Reverse 3.44 3.33 (3.00) 4.10
Final drive:  3.75 3.88 4.38 (4.16)

Clutch diameter: 240 mm (9.45″)


Front and rear axle with spring struts (optimised by Porsche)
with spring strut-guided wheels suspended independently on
track control and longitudinal arms; spring struts with inner
damper; twin-sleeve gas pressure dampers.


Twin-circuit brake system with one circuit on the front; one circuit
on the rear wheels; four-piston aluminium monobloc brake
callipers; cross-drilled, inner-vented brake discs measuring 298 x
24 mm (11.73 x 0.94″) (Boxster) and 318 x 28 mm (12.52 x
1.10″) diameter x width at the front and 299 x 20 mm (11.77 x
0.79″) (Boxster) and 299 x 24 mm (11.77″ x 0.94″) diameter x
width at the rear; PSM 8.0; vacuum brake servo.

Wheels and tyres:

Front 6.5 J x 17 on 205/55 ZR 17 (Boxster)
8 J x 18 on 235/40 ZR 18 (Boxster S)
Rear 8 J x 17 on 235/50 ZR 17 (Boxster)
9 J x 18 on 265/40 ZR 18 (Boxster S)


DIN, unladen Manual: 1305 kg/2855 lb (Boxster),
1355 kg/2965 lb (Boxster S)
Tiptronic S: 1365 kg/3010 lb (Boxster),
1395 kg/3076 lb (Boxster S)
Max permissible Manual: 1620 kg/3572 lb (Boxster),
1630 kg/3594 lb (Boxster S)
Tiptronic S: 1665 kg/3671 lb (Boxster),
1670 kg/3682 lb (Boxster S)


Length 4329 mm (170.4″)
Width 1801 mm (70.9″)
Height 1292 mm (51.0″)
Wheelbase 2415 mm (95.1″)
Track front 1490 mm/58.7″ (Boxster),
Track front 1486 mm/58.5″ (Boxster S)
Track rear 1534 mm/60.4″ (Boxster),
Track rear 1528 mm/60.2″ (Boxster S)
Luggage compartment capacity to VDA standard:
150 litres at the front + 130 litres at the rear
Fuel tank: 64 litres (14.1 Imp gals)


Top speed:
5-speed manual: 258 km/h (160 mph) (Boxster)
6-speed manual: 260 km/h (161 mph) (Boxster)
272 km/h (169 mph) (Boxster S)
Top speed Tiptronic S: 251 km/h (156 mph) (Boxster),
264 km/h (164 mph) (Boxster S)

Acceleration in sec:
0  100 km/h
5-speed manual: 6.1 (Boxster);
6-speed manual: 6.1 (Boxster)
5.4 (Boxster S)
Tiptronic S: 7.0 (Boxster);
6.1 (Boxster S)
0  160 km/h
5-speed manual: 14.2 (Boxster);
6-speed manual: 14.0 (Boxster)
11.8 (Boxster S)
Tiptronic S: 16.4 (Boxster);
13.6 (Boxster S)
0  200 km/h
5-speed manual: 23.7 (Boxster);
6-speed manual: 23.2 (Boxster)
18.8 (Boxster S)
Tiptronic S: 27.3 (Boxster);
21.8 (Boxster S)
Standing-start km
5-speed manual: 26.0 (Boxster);
6-speed manual: 25.8 (Boxster)
24.4 (Boxster S)
Tiptronic S: 27.1 (Boxster);
25.5 (Boxster S)

Fuel consumption, Boxster:
(EU standard):

Five-speed manual Six-speed manual Tiptronic S
ltr/100 km
13.8 14.1 14.9
ltr/100 km
6.8   7.1 7.7
ltr/100 km
 9.3  9.5 10.1

Fuel consumption, Boxster S:
(EU standard):

Six-speed manual Tiptronic S
Urban ltr/100 km 15.3 16.3
Extra-urban ltr/100 km  7.8 7.9
Composite ltr/100 km 10.6 11.0

CO2 emissions, Boxster:
(EU standard):

Five-speed manual  Six-speed manual Tiptronic S
Overall in g/km  222  227 242

CO2 emissions, Boxster S:
(EU standard):

Six-speed manual  Tiptronic S
Overall in g/km 254 262