Porsche released a road-legal special edition Cayenne, based on the very successful Rally winning Porsche Transsyberia. Appropriately named after the races it won, having a 1 and 2 position. The models were so successful, that they competed in the Transsyberia race 2 years in a row, without changing anything on them. The gruelling rally event covers thousands of kilometres through rugged terrain and challenging conditions, including the vast landscapes of Siberia. The Cayenne Transsyberia was equipped with various off-road enhancements, including a reinforced suspension system, skid plates, off-road tires, and a locking rear differential.

This particular Cayenne is easily recognisable by the orange accents and details on the black paint, and bold side decal for “Cayenne Transsyberia”. The car is based on the Cayenne S, however the big difference is that the engine is the V8 from the Cayenne GTS which produces 405PS. This car is noticeably different to a standard Cayenne S.

How to spot

  • “Cayenne Transsyberia” decals down the side
  • Coloured wheels and details


Capacity: 4806cc

Compression ratio: 12.5:1

Maximum Power: 405hp @ 6,500rpm

Maximum Torque: 500Nm @ 3,500 rpm

Brakes: Front 350mm and Rear 350mm

Suspension: Fully independent double wishbone

Wheels & Tyres: 8J x 18-inch wheels with 255/55 ZR 18

Length: 4,798mm

Width: 1928mm

Weight: 2,245kg


Did you know?

Only 285 were built worldwide.