Here it is – the naturally aspirated 991.2. Most feared the launch of the GT3 to be just like the Carrera model and having the addition of a turbocharged engine, but this wasn’t the case with the GT3. This is the pure-bred Porsche made from passion and excellent engineering. The engine is a 4.0 lite six-cylinder producing 500hp, 339lb-ft, and was derived from the GT3 Cup race-car. Not only does it have a high performance engine, but also a lightweight construction. The bodyshell is made from aluminium steel composite, the front and rear fascias in lightweight polyurethane, and the wing uprights, rear lid and rear wing were all constructed from carbon fibre. Unlike most models in the range, the PDK is standard, but fear not GT-enthusiasts, there is an optional extra to have a 6-speed GT Sport manual, short-shift, transmission.

Porsche changes between model to the untrained eye are normally minimal, however, we believe that there is a huge difference in design to the front and rear between the 991.1 to the 991.2. The front-end has it’s own unique design, and doesn’t looked like a beefed-up Carrera anymore. Due to this being a track-focused 911, the new design is sculpted for aerodynamics, large front air intakes and the front spoiler. Another key design element is the 991.2 LED Headlamps that gives this a very aggressive look.

All this power, aerodynamics and track-design could make you wonder – is it safe on the road? First thing to remember, is you don’t have the comfort of a four-wheel drive system in the GT3, so you do have a lot of power to those rear-wheels. But, lets not forget that this car was made in the shadow of the GT3 Cup, and benefits from a motorsport-tuned stability system and high performance brakes.

How to spot

  • Large body-coloured rear wing
  • Large front intakes
  • Front and rear air inlet/outlet slits
  • Dual-central exhaust pipes
  • GT3 alloy wheels


Capacity: 3,996cc

Compression ratio: 10.0:1

Maximum Power: 500bhp @ 8,250rpm.

Maximum Torque: 459Nm @6,000rpm.

Brakes: Front: 380mm callipers; rear: 380mm callipers.

Suspension: Front: McPherson strut with selected mountings ball-jointed. Rear: Multi-link suspension with selected mountings ball-jointed, rear axle-steering.

Wheels & Tyres: Front: 9 J x 20 (ET 55) with 245/35 ZR20 tyres. Rear: 12 J X 20 (ET 47) with 305/30 ZR 20 tyres. (Ultra high performance tires)

Length: 4,562mm

Width: 1,852mm (inc mirrors 1,978mm).

Weight: 1,430kg (PDK) / 1413kg (MAN).

Did you know?

The 991.2 GT3 was born in Flacht, home to Porsche’s motorsport centre by expert motorsport engineers and drivers. They thought that they were happy on several occasions that the GT3 was the best it could be, just to go back to work the next day and improve it more.