Since I was asked to help with some of the content on this platform, I have been seeing Porsches everywhere. It is amazing how our brain relates to what you are currently engaged in and focuses on this during our daily life.

I’m originally from Belgium and thus often go back to see family. A few weeks ago, we, my wife and I, went to my hometown of Wilrijk in Antwerp. A short drive on this side to Folkstone, on the train and then 2 hours from Calais to Antwerp. Mostly this is an easy, smooth, and uneventful journey. Not this time however! As I said before, our brain just hones in on whatever you’re most busy with at the time and at this time that was… Porsche!

Travelling on the A16 in France takes roughly 45 minutes, then the tarmac changes as you cross the border into Belgium. We continue on the E40, same road different name. A few minutes into Belgium we notice the first Porsche of our trip. A beautiful 1975 911S Targa in it’s original Sahara beige with brown interior. We quickly took some photos and the driver even waved at us whilst we did. It’s not easy taking a good picture at 120 kmh, but I think my wife did a cracking job. If you look closely, you can see that the driver is waving at us at this point.

This was of course not the only Porsche we saw on our trip. We soon realised Macan’s and Cayenne’s are incredibly popular in Belgium. Old and new ones, Black and Silver ones, they were everywhere. We went to visit my uncle who lives in Zoersel, Antwerp. A lot smaller, but kind off the Surrey of Antwerp. Big houses with gates and names rather than door numbers, expensive cars ranging from the likes of Audi’s, Lexus’ and Mercedes’ to Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s and of course Porches!

It was here we saw quite a lot of the Macan’s and Cayenne’s, but when pulling up in my uncle’s road I noticed his neighbour had something interesting on the drive; a Porsche 718 Cayman GTS. This particular vehicle was finished in Black with the 20” 718 sport wheels painted in Satin black, looking very dashing in the sunshine.

It had a sticker on the back that rather intrigued me, it reads ‘Nationale Autoclub Excelsior. I did some quick research, and this club gets access to multiple exclusive events a year where you can enjoy the motor sport with fellow members. It also has a long list of partners where, as a member, you can get a great discount. I’m sure we have an equivalent in the UK.

The last Porsche we saw before leaving Wilrijk, is the fantastic Taycan. It just looks absolutely stunning in the Carrara White with the 21” Taycan Exclusive Design wheels. In the looks department I think this vehicle is a huge improvement on the original electric Porsche, the Egger-Lohner C.2 Pheaton. But they’ve had a mere 121 years to get to that point of course.

We had a lovely time spotting Porsches in between seeing family and friends, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more! And if there’s anything special, we come across, I’ll be sure to share with you.

Porsche…I’m out!



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Authors name: Dries Luypaert

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