One of Porsche’s most popular and unique models, the Targa 4 was released for the 991. Announced at the Detroit Motor Show with all-new roof technology, which was now fully electrotonically operated whilst keeping the classic look with the silver B-Pillar. The new system will take a total of 20 seconds to fully open and close the roof. The Targa is only available with Porsche’s brilliant AWD system. The Targa 4 is equipped with a 6 cylinder boxer engine, and produces 350PS. The acceleration for this elegant sports car is 0-60mph in just 5.0 seconds. Not quick enough? Then you may be interested more with the Targa 4S that produces 400PS and accelerate to 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds with the PDK or 4.6 seconds for the manual transmission. Still not quick enough? In January 2015, Porsche announced the Targa 4GTS at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit increasing the power to 430PS, when outfitted with the PDK gearbox, this now has the capability to do 0-60mph in 4.3 seconds and came with many features as standard.


  • Targa 4
  • Targa 4S
  • Targa 4GTS

How to spot

  • The Targa has the unique aluminium B-Pillar soft-top roof.


Capacity: Targa 4 – 3400cc, Targa 4S – 3800cc, TargaGTS – 3800cc

Compression ratio: 12.5:1

Maximum Power: Targa 4 – 350bhp @ 7,400rpm, Targa 4S – 400PS @ 7,400rpm, Targa GTS – 430PS @ 7,500rpm

Maximum Torque: Targa 4 – 287Nm @ 5,600rpm, Targa 4S – 325Nm @ 5,600rpm, Targa GTS – 325Nm @ 5,750rpm

Brakes: Targa 4 & 4S – Front: 340mm callipers; rear: 330mm callipers, Targa 4GTS – Front:330mm callipers; rear: 340mm callipers

Suspension: Front: MacPherson strut suspension. Rear: LSA Multilink suspension.

Wheels & Tyres: Targa 4 – Front: 19×8.5 with 235/40R19 tyres. Rear: 19×11 with 295/35R19 tyres, Targa 4S – Front: 20×8.5 with 245/35R20 tyres. Rear: 20×11 with 305/30R20 tyres, Targa 4GTS – Front: 20×9 with 245/35R20 tyres. Rear: 20×11.5 with 305/30R20 tyres

Length: Targa 4 & 4S – 4,491mm, Targa 4GTS – 4,509mm

Width: All – 1,852mm,

Weight: Targa 4 Manual – 1,540kg, Targa 4 PDK – 1,560kg, Targa 4S Manual – 1,555kg, Targa 4S PDK – 1,575kg, Targa 4GTS Manual – 1560kg, Targa 4GTS PDK – 1,580kg


Did you know?

The 991 Targa was the first to be able to keep the classic B-Pillar design from the original 911 Targa, combined with state-of-the-art technology.